Stay Hydrated

Seasonal Cocktails
The Gallagher Smash 9
Aviation gin, watermelon puree and our strawberry shrub.
Get your Sledge-O-Matic ready

Kiwi Caipirinha 10
Sol Cachaça, fresh lime juice and house-made kiwi syrup.
The Lures take on the Brazilian national cocktail

Sage Limoncello Shandy 9
Love lemonade and beer?  Enjoy both with our light & refreshing homemade sage limoncello topped with house lager
Ben’s Cucumber Lemonade 9 
Muddled lemon wedges and handcrafted, organic Prairie cucumber vodka and a splash of soda water
Sparkling Violette Cosmopolitan 9
Ketel Citron cosmo uniquely flavored with champagne and a natural violette liqueur adding a bubbly texture and signature flowery, sweet flavour
Matcha Do About Nothing 10
Dogfish Head Gin with our homemade matcha syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juiceand topped with soda water and lemon zest.  A matcha made in heaven

 Elderflower Sangria 8
Just the right amount of bubbles…champagne, fresh berries and
Elderflower Liqueur
Rye N’ Gosling 9                                                                                                    
A house favorite!  Redemption Rye Bourbon with fresh squeezed lime juice and none other than gosling’s ginger beer

Top Shelf Whiskeys

Balvenie 12 Double Wood $14
Craigellachie 13 Scotch Whisky $15
Dewars 18 The Vintage $16
Dewars 15 The Monarch $13
Dewars 12 The Ancestor $12
Few Bourbon $13
Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15 year $14
Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey $11
Old Forester Bourbon 1920 $14
Old Forester Bourbon 1897 $11
Russel’s Reserve Bourbon $9
The Macallan 12 $13
The Macallan 18 $26
West Cork Irish Whiskey Barrel Proof $10
West Cork Irish Whiskey Black Reserve $9

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