Beer Paddle – Four different 5oz pours of your choice $9
Atlas La Saison Des Fetes – Warming Belgian ale straight from the farmhouse to your fireside. This is a beer to celebrate. Our Saison balances spicy French hops, aromatic European malt, and a unique Belgian yeast 7.1% abv $8

Bell’s Pool Time Witbier – Refreshing Belgian-inspired Wheat Ale with light clove notes. The truly distinguishing feature is the use of 100% Montmorency tart cherries grown in the Traverse City region of Michigan. 5.2% abv $8

BFM (Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes) Alex Cuveé le Rouge IRS – Imperial Russian stout brewed with vanilla pepper and tea.  Top fermented, unfiltered & unpasteurized 10.3% abv 8oz pour $12
Firestone Sucuaba Barley Wine – Those fortunate enough to unlock a bottle are rewarded with hints of chocolate, vanilla, dark fruits, and a warming 13.5% abv 8oz. pour $9
Jailbreak Feed the Monkey Hefeweisen – German style hefeweizen that combines traditional notes of clove and banana with subtle citrus aromas and flavors to provide balance and complexity 5.6% abv $8
Jill’s Pils – Light and crisp yet full of real flavor and all the things you yearn for 6.2% abv $6
Lagunitas Dark Swan Sour Ale – Fermented with dark red wine grapes, giving it its uniquely deep and rich purple hue. 8.5% abv $9

North Coast Passionfruit-Peach Berliner Weisse – Made with the juice of peaches from California and passion fruit from Ecuador, a Pan-American take on the German classic. Fragrant fruitiness in the nose, a sharp, dry palate, and a frisson of quenching, sour acidity in the finish 4.1% abv $9

RAR Out of Order Sour Strawberry-Kiwi – From the American sour series.  Tart fruit strawberry-kiwi 4.2% abv $9
RJ Rockers Son of a Peach Wheat – Unfiltered American wheat ale made with real mean peaches. The only thing missing is the fuzz 5.8% abv $8
Six Point Puff DIPA – Hazy, unfiltered pour straight from the tanks, with an extra dose of dry hops before it hits the can and keg 9.8% abv $8
Southern Tier Bourbon Barrel Aged Oat Stout – No, this isn’t just some nostalgic throwback. This horse learned a new trick: Barrel aging. As black as a moonless night, silky and full bodied, and as richly complex as the eponymous brew of old 12.6% abv $10 8oz pour                                                                         

 Terrapin T-Time Berliner Weisse – Tart and thirst-quenching wheat beer made with fresh tea and lemon peel 4% abv $8
Two Roads Sauvignon Blanc Gose – Distinctive tropical fruit notes in this gose brewed with sauvignon blanc grapes 4.8% abv $9

Beer Paddle – Four different 5oz pours of your choice $9
Lures Beer Infuser
RAR Man…Feelings Sour Ale INFUSED with Cucumber and Lemon Balm! – 4.9% abv $8. Our Beer Infuser was created for one purpose: To infuse great beer with great (and sometimes crazy) ingredients. Built right here by us in 2017 our infuser allows us to pass our beer through any combination we can come up with “infusing” the beer with those flavors.  IPA’s with mango, stouts with S’mores and sours with Sour Patch Kids are only the beginning! – Got your own infusion idea?
Adroit Theory BLVCK Celebration Aged in Oak Staves (Ghost 114) – Roasty, Chocolate Notes are Balanced by Sweet Maple and Sharp Molasses; Slight Saltiness 9.99% abv 8oz pour $9
Adroit Theory Therapy Sessions Imperial Stout (Ghost 585) – Dark Sugar Sweetness cut by Roasted Malt, Hint of Smoke, Alcohol Heat, Creamy Mouth-feel, Boozy Finish 13% abv 8oz pour $9
Adroit Theory Illusion of Safety Apricot, Pomegranate & Jalapeño Sour – Sweetness of Apricot Meets Tartness of Pomegranate, with Sharp Bite of Heat from the Jalapeno 3.9% abv $9
Diamondback TPS Reports IPA – Hazy appearance with flavors of apricots, pineapple, melon, and orange.  Great balance of light pine and fruit 7% abv $8
Firestone Luponic Distortion Revolution #9 IPA – Revolution No. 009 is a showcase for five “public domain” hops from the United States and Germany, two varieties from the Pacific Northwest – one that provides exotic tropical notes, & another that offers a balance of earthy pine and citrus qualities 5.9% abv $8
Jill’s Pils – Light and crisp yet full of real flavor 6.2% abv $6
Maine Peeper Ale – American-style ale brewed one barrel at a time. The malt bill is built on American two-row malt and accented by crystal 10, Vienna, and white wheat malts. Magnum hops, Amarillo, Cascade, and Centennial hop varieties provide a pleasant floral and citrusy hop flavor 5.25% abv $9
Narragansett Lager – Crisp and refreshing. It’s got more flavor than other premium lagers, yet it’s one of the most drinkable beers in the world 5% abv $6
Perennial Cave Torch IPA – IPA with mandarin orange, generously dry hopped with Galaxy and Amarillo 6.7% abv $8
Petrus Nitro Quad – Quadruple is brewed with 5 different types of malts and one peeled and roasted barley 11.5% abv 8oz pour $9
RAR Two Hour Parking IPA – Brewed with Calypso & Ekuanot hops, Lactose, and Vanilla beans. Sooo much papaya flavors from the hop bill, insanely pillowy soft and fluffy, and a creamy smooth vanilla finish 7.2% abv $8
Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweisen – Our Raspberry Hefeweizen is a true fruit beer. We add pureed raspberries to our Hefeweizen during the primary fermentation process 4.1% abv $8                                                                                                                                   

Lagers & Pilsners
Captain Lawrence Pilsner 6th Borough Pilsner – 1
2oz. can 5% abv $5
Founders Solid Gold Lager – 12oz. can 4.4% abv $8
Konig Pilsener
New Grist Pilsner *Gluten Free
– 12oz. btl 5.1% abv $6
Union Skipjack Pilsner – 12oz. can 5.5% abv $5

Gose & Sours
Anderson Valley GT Gose
– 4.2% abv 22oz. btl $20
Anderson Valley GT Gose Bourbon Barrel Aged – 6.5% abv 22oz btl $30
Avery El Gose –
4.5% abv 12oz. can $6
Brassiere de Silly Scotch Bourbon Barrel Ale (2014)
–750ml 11% abv $30
The Bruery Terreux Gypsy Tart (2016)– 8.4% abv 25.4oz. btl $36
Captain Lawrence Oak Aged Sour Strawberry
– 6.5% abv 12.7oz. btl $25
Cascade Noyaux Northwest Style Sour Ale (2014) – 9.29% abv 750 ml $70
Cascade Sang Noir Northwest Style Sour Ale (2014) – 9.8% abv 750 ml $70
Duchesse de Bourgogne Flemish Sour – 11.2oz. 6% abv $13
New Belgium Eric’s Ale (2014) – 750ml 7% abv $30
New Belgium La Folie Wood Aged Sour (2015) – 750ml 7% abv $30
Petrus Sour Quad Aged in Oak (2015) – 10.5% abv $50
Petrus Aged Pale – 7.3% abv 11.2oz. btl $9
Troegs Wild Elf (2016)– 11% abv 12oz btl $18
Victory Sour Monkey (2016) –
9.5% abv 750ml btl $22


RAR Groove City
– 5.2% abv 12oz. can $6
Weihenstephaner Vitus Weizenbock– 7.7% abv 11.2oz btl $6

Garden Cider English Hard Apple Cider
– 5% abv 16.7oz. btl $12
Rekorderlig Swedish Raspberry/Mango
– 4.5% abv 12oz.can $6
Rekorderlig Swedish Strawberry/Lime – 4.5% abv 12oz.can $6
Rekorderlig Swedish Pear
– 4.5% abv 12oz.can $6


Chimay 150th Anniversary Ale – 10% abv 1pt 9.4oz. $50
Chimay Tripel (White) – 11.2oz 8% abv $13
Cuvee du Chateau Kasteel Belgian Ale (2014)
– 750ml 11% abv $42
Gulden Draak 3rd Brewmaster’s Edition Tripel (2015) –1 pint 9.4oz 10.5% abv $55
Gulden Draak Calvados Barrel Aged Ale – abv 1 pint 9.4oz 10.5% abv $40
Petrus 1894 Special Ale (2014)
– 750ml 8% abv $50
Petrus Brewmaster’s Wild Tripel Ale – 750ml 8% abv $30
St Bernardus Abt 12 Belgian Abbey (2015)
– 750ml 10% abv $32
Straffe Hendrik Heritage Quadruple (2011 & 2013) – 750ml 11% abv $50/46
Straffe Hendrik Wild Tripel (2016) – 11.2oz. btl 9% abv $11
Steinhardt Cuvee Flanders-Style Red Ale – 22oz. btl 6.5% abv $22
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde – 9% abv 12oz btl $7
Stouts & Porters
Arcadia Barrel Aged Shipwrecked Porter –
12% abv 12oz. btl $15
Dogfish Head Miles Davis Bitches Brew (2014)22oz.9% abv $28
Clown Shoes Hammer of the Beast 12% abv 22oz.  btl $22
Duck Rabbit Milk Stout –
5.7% abv 12oz. btl $6
Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout – 6% abv 12oz. btl $6
Oskar Blues Barrel Aged Ten Fidy – 12.9% abv 19.3oz. can $24
Stone Woot Stout (2015)
– 750ml 13% abv $28
Victory Red Thunder Porter (2013) –22oz. 8.5% abv $28
50/50 Eclipse Oak Aged Imperial Stout w/ Honey Aged in Bourbon Barrels

-Black/Evan Williams – 11% abv 1pt 6oz btl $50

-Lavender/Coffee- 11% abv 1pt 6oz btl $50

-Gold/Gran Cru- 11% abv 1pt 6oz btl $50

Blackberry Farm Classic Saison Farmhouse Ale – 6% abv 1 pint 9.4oz. $50
Clown Shoes Black Currant Saison
– 6% abv 22oz. btl $20

Clown Shoes Trillionaire English Barleywine (2016) – 9-12% abv 750ml btl $25
Duck Rabbit Brown – 5.6% abv 12oz. btl $6
Dogfish Head 60 Min IPA – 6% abv 12oz. can $6
Dogfish Head 90 Min IPA – 9% abv 160z can $8
Jailbreak Infinite Amber – 5% abv 12oz. can $6
Moonlight Meadery Blueberry Wild Meade –
14% abv 12.6% abv $30
Schlafly Barley Wine (2013) – 750ml 10.2% abv $30